TanqBay Mobile is the 3rd business that we launched when we fell in love with the app market!

We will be honest with you and say that we did not instantly jump on the app train, however we watched it for about one year and jumped on board. All I can say is that the app market is a fantastic market! Today we have this mini computer in our pocket that has the ability to feel, touch and see! This is great and the opportunities seem to almost be endless. Not only are the opportunities almost endless the capabilities are growing each day.

We started our venture in the app market by building apps for clients. One of the very first apps that we built was for a client that had an interest in the oil fields of North Dakota. He wanted his driver;s to be able to get directions to each one of the oil rigs that they needed to go to. We used information provided from the state of North Dakota, GPS data, Google Maps, and a couple of other features and built this app for the client.

After the oil rig mapping app we built a couple of little apps for clients, however we knew that we wanted to build games. So we started out by building apps for Android and then converting those to iOS. This was a pain. This took up a lot of time and resources. So we did some research and found software that allowed us to only build the game once. Then all we had to do was click a button and the software complied everything for iOS, then hit another button and it complied everything for Android, hit another button and well you get the idea.

So now we only make games and we love it!

We occasionally do make games for client’s however it is rare and needs to be a very unique idea. We are not saying that we would automatically turn you down however it has to be pretty unique for us to do it.

The games that we have on the market are Motocross Mayhem, Wake Boarding Mayhem, Squish Squash Squoosh Bugs, Word Search for Kids, Word Jumble for Kids, Word Search, World Markets, Four In a Row, Word Search for Kids – In Spanish and BlackJack.

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