TanqBay Marketing is the second business that we started after TanqBay Sprinklers. We started TanqBay Marketing because we were fed up with the high prices that we had to pay in order to get a website built for our business. We knew there must be an easier and less expensive way yet still be able to have a quality site. After some research and trying different options we landed on the decision to use WordPress and TanqBay Marketing was launched.

With TanqBay Marketing we built quality affordable WordPress websites. We can built these websites by taking your custom PSD files and building the website or we can customize a theme to fit your needs. If you would like to learn more about this please visit tanqbaymarketing.com.

Another thing that we do at TanqBay Marketing is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Now we will be the first to say that SEO is as much a science as it is an art form. Everyone knows that you have to have the basics (keywords, site title, robot file, xml file, Google Analytics, etc.) however there is a lot of debate as to the specifics of each one of these. This is where the art form comes into play by constantly adjusting each one of these to fit your business needs and to stay ahead of your competition. There are several techniques that we have used over the years to gain significant traction for our clients in their local markets.

When it comes to marketing your business we have a couple of options.

The first option is that we will work side by side with you to help your business grow online. We will talk about different marketing ideas that can be done, give you recommendations, and also implement these if needed. One example that we can give you in regards to this is we worked with a company that owned a local MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Gym in Colorado. We worked with the business owner day in and day out to make sure his marketing was going the right direction. As a result this MMA Gym owner ended up achieving a #1 ranking on Google for the MMA Gyms in the whole state of Colorado! We are very proud of this because not only did we do a great job for this client but we gained a friend.

The second option that we can do for marketing your website is a little different. What we will do is come in and basically take over your marketing plan for your business online. We will run your marketing for your business online as if we owned the business. This one takes a little more trust between you and us however the rewards a very beneficial.

We did this for a client and this client gave us the task of making his business grow without spending any money on media buys, PPC, PPV, etc. So this was going to be a little challenging. We launched this site in April and started to drive traffic to his site through social media, forums, etc. Within 30 days of launching the site he had over 5 digits in gross sales and within 12 months he did over 7 digits in gross sales.

The examples above are obviously unique and not typical because your results will depend on how much time you are willing to work on your business, how much will you market your business offline, how good of a business owner are you, are you taking everything out of your business or trying to help it grow, are you reinvesting in your technologies, are you reinvesting in your business, etc. We can help your online business grow however a lot will depend on you.

If you would like to see the websites that we have built in the past or see what we can do for you when it comes to marketing, please feel free to visit tanqbaymarketing.com