We have developed and released several apps of our own and we have also been contracted to help develop other mobile applications for other companies.


Websites should be easy to use and look great and that’s what we do best. We use our experience to combine the design and development process to give you a website which you and your customers will love.


Digital marketing helps you shout about your business online, brings visitors to your website and improves customer relations. Our experienced team will design campaigns to deliver you a great return on your investment.

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Do you want to get your website in front of people?. Our SEO services will give you best possible results that extend beyond a quick, temporary boost in rankings.


Our graphic design services are here to help you stand out from the crowd. We take our unique and creative design skills and put them wherever you need them.


We are in the trenches day in and day out setting up people’s sites and making sure that their sites are set up and maximized for the search engines to direct people to their site.

marketing, web design, mobile app


At TanqBay, we don’t just create beautiful images; we call on years of experience and industry insight to deliver real results for our clients. We are firm believers that every piece of work we create should have a measured result which is why we use the latest technology to ensure that we reach your objectives. We know our clients demand work which performs, and this is exactly what we deliver.

We’d like to show you this in practice so you can see for yourself how our team’s talent and experience have created inspiring and most importantly, effective online work for our clients. View our portfolio of work to see what TanqBay can do.

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marketing, web design, mobile app

TanqBay Management

Find out how our Scrum Master solution can save you time and money!

marketing, web design, mobile app

TanqBay Marketing

Jump start your business with a great looking website and solid local marketing.

marketing, web design, mobile app

TanqBay Mobile

Find out how we are having fun building games and the latest game we are working.

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TanqBay Sprinklers

With over 20 years of experience we can tackle any job you might have!

【カネボウ】 トワニー センチュリー ザ?クリームSP 30g
ホワイトボードシート(吸着式) 1000mm×2000mm【日本製】
7018-06 信楽焼 古窯変織部流し壺型花瓶 18号
【ポイント10倍 8/28朝10時まで】karimoku(カリモク) Buona scelta Angel white(ボナシェルタ エンジェルホワイト学習机シリーズ) デスク (100cm幅)【全国
mutaMARINE(ムータマリン) ボトムスタッズ 8 トートバッグ Sサイズ【ホワイト】
5個セット 土鍋 宴 ベイクオレンジ8号鍋 [ 28.7 x 25.7 x 15cm 2,600cc ] 料亭 旅館 和食器 飲食店 業務用
咲くやこの花 [DVD] 成海璃子 新品
山崎産業 アンブラーS 6本用【業務用 鍵付き 傘立て 組み立て式】
◇綿100% 無地調 国産 こたつ布団 掛敷セット 『いろり』 萌黄(グリーン) 215×295cm※他の商品と同梱不可